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Organ, the largest and most complex musical instrument – 365 Photos Challenge ~ Day #25

The organs are the queen of musical instruments. They are a very old instrument because they knew them already long ago. The organs are by no means the biggest and most complex musical instrument. The general view is that this is a church instrument, but this is only partial. In Roman times, they were used in gladiatorial combat later on in medieval castles. They were a sign of wealth and luxury. Although the organ has undergone many improvements in its development, the basis remained the same all the time: the type of flutes connected to the compressed air reservoir. Last year, St. George’s Church received a new organ. The layout of the organ is very complicated, so the work lasted about 1 year. I looked at how this work is going.

I continue with 365 photo challenges. You shouldn’t be nominated but anyone who can join. Here are the rules from Artbytes in his 365 photos Challenge.


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