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Mysterious Object ~ Let's Do More

As we all already know, today the whole world is in an uproar after the sky of a metropolitan city center is visited by an unknown object. This news was immediately covered by all global mass media.

#1 The Edges of The inverted pyramid-shaped Object.

The inverted pyramid-shaped object is very very huge. Even some of the edges that appear behind clouds and very very bright lights cover up the whole area of a district in the center of the city. The strange and astonishing effect of the emergence of foreign objects is that the whole city feels filled with peace and a kind of transcendental experience.

It seems that the emergence of foreign objects with its unique effects is part of the great enlightenment of mankind in this century which is being discussed intensively by spiritualists throughout the world.

#2 Busy City

This is the condition of the city before the appearance of the mysterious object.

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