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Miho-chan’s color crazy challenge

When I heard the color crazy challenge was going to be blue and purple, the first place I went was Miho, because she is colorful, crazy and challenging. Also her hair is both blue and purple, so she is all of the above. She completely mastered the challenge even before it was a thing. Miho-chan is the chosen one…

#1 robot friend

at least, I think that was the title for this one. it's been a while...

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#2 hardsuit romance

a rare shot of Miho-chan in full combat armor

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#3 overkill

Miho would use a cannon to kill a mosquito. She doesn't do restraint, which is disturbing considering she's on the police force...

        • You have the opposing philosophy (the best offense is a good defense) which is fine, until you face a nimble opponent you can’t hit but who can just pick away at your armor until you’re defenseless or they get in a lucky shot

          Of course, the nimble opponent starts out vulnerable to a direct hit so both sides have their own inherent weaknesses…

          • Long ago, when I was in to fencing, my strategy was to observe opponent, to let her show all her moves. Then, I would strike back until I win. And, of course, I had my fencing suit and mask and glove…. 😀

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#4 fanservice

Miho-chan is all about the fanservice

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#5 more fanservice

what a great pose. why doesn't this piece have a background?

  1. Your order of operations are different than mine, she’d have a background but perhaps be missing whiskers if she were a kitty…


#6 banner graphic


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