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Do you know why the Christmas tree is blessed~ 365 Photos Challenge ~ Day #10

We all enjoy the Christmas tree. But do we know his story. Now I offer you something you may not know.

On the Holy Night, when the Savior of the World was born in Bethlehem, not only did the people, but also the flowers of the field and the trees that grew near the cave where the Jesus Baby, guarded by the Angels, had enjoyed this event.

It was best to see the sleeping Baby three trees growing in front of the cave itself: the majestic palm tree, the high-branched olive tree and the simple green tree. They joyfully shuffled with the leaves and impatiently spoke to each other:

“Let’s go,” said the palm of the olive tree, “to worship the Child and offer Him our gifts.

“Take me with you,” she prayed quietly. The two proud trees looked contemptuously at her modest sister. Her palm answered:

– What? You are so poor and miserable! What kind of gift can you offer to the Baby? Do not you see that you only have needle-like leaves and even your tears are stinking resin!

The poor tree fell silently silent, dare to cast another glance at the lovely young man who lay in the crib, surrounded by golden light.

And behold, the little Jesus woke up. In His clean feet lay a magnificent palm leaf – a gift from the beautiful palm tree and an olive oil that filled the whole cave with a fragrance. But the eyes of the Godfather turned to the modest and shimmering tree. He smiled smoothly and reached out to her. The good tree! She was so joyous and happy that she bent her green stem in humble bow before the little Lord of glory …

And one angel gently said,

Let it be your prize, a nice green tree! From this day you are called to glorify the feast of Christ’s Nativity with your everlasting green apparel and the brilliant, star-like adornments that men will put on you in this blessed night for ever and ever. You will bring joy to the children, and the adults will remind you of the golden days of their childhood. Oh, be blessed.


The photo is on the Christmas Tree at the Ranch. I visited him on 10-12-2017.

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