Is it good enough? ~ If they could

Popeye was the first cat in my house after the last cat had to be evacuated because my eldest daughter was allergic to fur. Unfortunately, although he is very loyal and spoiled, he must stay outside because his fur always falls off every time he scratched his body!Popeye is a bit like a dog in terms of loyalty. He will follow me every time I leave the house, at least up to two hundred meters from home, even wherever I moved. This afternoon I cleaned the carport and as usual, Popeye did not want to be more than a meter away from me. Remembering my best friend, Elenka, I asked Popeye not to move for a moment, “Popeye, stay there for a while, I’ll take a photo of you.”, and he obeys me.“Is it good enough with this pose?” he asked.

Klick! I immediately called my youngest daughter to give his favorite biscuit!

What do you think?

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  1. See here, you got it all wrong. Popeye thought you are his slave and he is the master. He is actually supervising you, didn’t you realize that? And when you try to capture his photo, he was thinking: “Humph playing during work — not good, not good — this hooman.”

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