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I love these, "What color am I" posts, so here is one more for today.

While on a walk in an abandoned mobile home park in 2017 we came across these beauties. These version of this flower only comes in one color, although there are many in this species that have all kinds of colors. I have never seen one growing in person until this day, which is kind of funny because it was almost our state flower for California, but the California orange poppy won, because there are more of them. 

#1 What color am I?

As you can see, I grow much taller than the little dog. 

#3 So….

Am I 





Green with orange splashes of color? 

    • When they were picking the state flower for California this one almost won, but we get those orange hills in the spring. Millions of the orange poppy. They don’t grow quite as tall though. Good guess.


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