Hey, Don’t Dare to Bother Me! ~ If they could

After two days went by without jogging, this morning I chose to do it despite drizzling down. I think maintaining fitness is important then discipline is needed for that.

As I ran past a kailyard, I saw a rooster moving around and stopping under a low-hanging banana leaf.

Remembering Elenka who has started the challenge, I took a picture of the rooster that was apparently sheltering itself from the drizzle.

When I stop to capture it, he makes a distinctive sound that I can not write here. But I’m sure the rooster said, “Hey, do not dare to bother me! I’m here first! You can not get rid of me or force me out of here!”

So after two clicks I waved with a smile and continued my jogging.

If you want to get involved with this challenge, just do it, here is the rule.


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