Here are the original and answers!

Come take a look at the originals I used to make the Patterns and Textures Game Quiz.

The quiz can be found here!

Photo Game ~ Textures and Patterns

1. Was a Wood Duck.

2. Was an original. I asked how many bees were in there. I have pointed them out for you. There were 7.

3. I asked if it was Hot or Cold. It was fire.

4. Was a cat’s belly.

5. Was a hole in a tree.

6. Was water.

7. Was a soft dog.

8. Was the trees from number five.

9. I asked, ”

If you were standing on this rock and it was a 10 story building, what floor would you be on?

The answer is the 10th floor, if the floors are the standard 10′.

10. Was also an original and a picture of Macadamia Nuts and Tree.


What do you think?

Written by Kim_Johnson