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The Head of the Buddha For Color Crazy Challenge

To add black and white power to #colorcrazy challenge has started by Kim_Johnson , I have involved some photos to join. These are some of them.

Light In Dark

Be silent, then light will come!

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True Peace

Unconditional, without desire. Endless peace without boundaries will be abundant and embrace.

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Live Right Now

Everyone knows that our life is the present, not yesterday that is already dead, nor is tomorrow that has not born, though knowing is different with an ability to enjoy it.

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Duality In Alignment

Life is perfect with its negative and positive. Also with suffer and happiness. Both are present at the same time and inseparable. Can not enjoy one without the other. They are two sides of the same coin.

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Go Beyond Pseudo Segmentation

Severability is only a hallucination. The only way out of hallucinations is the builds of good and right inner strengths, to be directed toward a noble and holy purpose to enter the true reality.

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