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Happiness is… Waking up to food!! Just for Fun!!

Kim has created yet another wonderful Challenge!!

The rules of the game are to post about what makes you happy for the month of June.

1.  Use #jff tag.

2.  Post in the challenges section.

3.  Use Just for Fun in the title.

Easy enough right?

These are not just ordinary sushi, these are made by my sister and saved in the fridge for me!! Well, it feels good to wake up to food and they’re specially saved/made for you!!



What do you think?

Written by alibb


  1. Sushi is great, but never put too much soy on it. I ate too much with soy sauce once and my stomach paid for it big time lol.

      • I really don’t know what caused it for sure. My daughter told me she thought It was due to putting too much soy sauce on it. I went back for seconds I know, I really do not remember ever being sensitive to soy. it was great though.

        • It’s always hard to tell what makes you uncomfortable… I was down with allergy rashes a while back then and no one (not even the doctor) could tell what caused it…

          But since you’ve a suspect, then it’s good to avoid it!! Sushi taste good still without the soy sauce!!

      • I do make some substitutions, for example, I have used dehydrated spinach “leather” in place of seaweed, and sometimes I made fruit sushi and use apple leather on the outside, with blueberries, strawberries, and cream cheese on the inside. Maybe the only thing “sushi” about that is the rice?

        • WOW!! That is creative and sounds healthy and delicious!! And it might be cheaper to make too!!
          Maybe I should try your recipe one day!!
          Thanks for the share!!