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Haiku Poetry 10 Day Challenge #2: My Sweet Valentine

I started the Haiku 10 Day Challenge. Please feel free to join this challenge. No rules to follow! You only need to follow one rule, and that is-the 5-7-5 syllable rule. The first row should have 5 syllables, the second should have 7, and the third should have 5 syllables, just like it has in the first line. Have fun!

My sweet valentine

when will you come to see me

Hopefully that day

Just a fun Valentine’s Day Haiku poem. I know it is early, however, if you look around the stores, you should see a lot of valentine’s day candies, flowers, and stuffed toys. Here is a more serious Haiku poem to suit this special upcoming day.

Remember this love

You are the light of my life

Now and forever’


Image Credit – Pixabay


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Written by LaJenna