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Go for whatever makes you happy!

Do not be afraid to pack your stuff and leave! Go for whatever makes you happy! No matter how old are you, no matter where do you live, what do you work, who do you live with, how much money do you have! You are already wealthy enough! You are rich! Everyone is, on one way or another! Everyone’s blessed! The thing is that not everyone wants to live! Most people only exist…

Find the happiness within you, for it will not come from the outside! Start by standing in front of the mirror appreciating everything you can see, everything you can touch and smell and listen! Be proud of the path you’ve walked, the experiences you’ve had! Be proud of your loss! Be thankful for the opportunities you missed for missing them you are where you are!

Brace yourself for a better future! Know your own worth! Accept all the flaws as they are yours and they are not mistakes nor disadvantages! Be confident and believe in yourself! Always look on the bright side of the things, unlike the majority of the people! Love your life, your thoughts, your power!

Do not let yourself be determined by somebody else’s criteria! You are the one who knows your head and heart best! Wake up with appreciation and keep on reminding yourself all day long the beautiful person that you are!

Be nice to everyone, especially to the ones who less deserve it! Live, do not just exist! Inspire the others! Give compliments! Pray! But most of all, believe! Believe that you were born to be successful and to achieve your goals and know that someone somewhere would be lucky to have you just the way you are! Therefore, do not ever forget that only a positive mind can give you a positive life!


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