Dumbing Down — Not Just Academic

It is not simply that the schools are teaching at a vastly lower level; for example, a syllabus of a 1960’s 6th Grade Class is more advanced than a 2018 12th Grade Class, it is that the very basic ability to think has been truncated.

Turning the population into mindless sheep which repeat what they are told by their ‘leaders’ is the greatest effect of this practice.

Being unable to do simple research when the world’s information is at one’s fingertips is the proof.

A demagogue makes a statement, which is patently false, but the mindless sheep accept and repeat. That doing a simple Google would turn up contrary information is not done. Those who do so, those who contradict the demagogue are excoriated by those who will be effected the the statement.

Put it simply; who is effected if the United States puts tariffs on Chinese goods? Americans. They will have to pay more. The Chinese can up their sales to other parts of the world.

Putting tariffs on the import of steel will make building costs higher in the United States. The nations who sell to America will find other markets.

This is common sense. But uncommon in the United States.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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    • The point is dumbing down. That in 1960 those who attended Elementary School, ages 6 to 11 were taught at a higher level than those today…. FURTHER, if one can see the syllabus that was used in a 6th grade class at that time and compare it to what is taught in a 10th grade class today; the fact the 6th grader then was ahead of the 10th grader today is obvious.

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