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Dude ~ If Only They Could Talk

Elenka has started an animal challenge. You can read her post here Animal Challenge If they could talk, they would tell us a lot of stories. If they could talk every day, they would tell us how much they love us, Elenka says.

My cat, the Dude, likes to get under the covers. Especially when it’s cold. He was peeking out and I got a quick shot of him and his green eyes. If he could talk, which he can by the way, he would probably say… “could you at least get me a blue blanket? This pink one with all the flowers, geez, I’m the Dude!”

I would love to be able to really talk to my animals and get answers. The Dude talks all the time but it is of course cat talk. It would be hilarious for just one day if they could actually speak our language. But then again we might want to know what they would tell us.



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Written by Carol DM


  1. Thanks. Well, how are these two beautiful green eyes shuffling under the pink quilt. It’s really interesting to be able to talk to the animals.

  2. Haha, yes! I remember as a kid thinking it would be the most amazing thing in then world if everyone could read everyone else’s thoughts. Until later I began thinking about the consequences. However I’ve come full circle on that one now πŸ™‚