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Brendel Whiskers

Brendel is one of my adopted cats. She is camera shy, unlike the Dude. I captured this photo of her. I edited it to black and white and it really shows off her whiskers. But you cannot see her pretty colors and markings. Just the same I like the highlight of her whiskers. And she is looking straight at the camera. This is a rare shot of her. She turns the other way when she sees the camera. Animals can be such good company, therapy and entertainment.


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    Do you edit your photos to black and white?

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    • Sometimes
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    Do you think the black and white enhances the photo?

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    • Depends on the photo


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Written by Carol DM


  1. Again, sorry Cathy but this comment is for Brendal. My, Brendal, don’t you look precious in that beautiful pose. You sure are pretty Miss Brendel. Go and meet Runty Dumpty in his post. You two are meant to be together (I apologise to the Dude for this intrusion). You both have the prettiest eyes and whiskers. See you again one of these days sweetie Brendel.