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Dog gone it! (A game)

Here is a twist, in this post I will post some photos of our day at Lake Hodges in Escondido, California. This is about 15 miles from us as a bird flies. 

My son and I took the dogs, to the lake. It was about 9 am, and we stayed for about 6 hours. It was a beautiful almost cloudless day, with a slight breeze that came in waves westward from the coast. 

The object of the game is to look at each photo closely.  Take as long as you want, then go take the quiz called Dog Gone It Quiz in the quiz section. You can also find it by typing in #Kimsquizzes in the search area. 

1. The reflection of the blue sky in the water. 

2. The lake and rolling hills.

3. The shadow this stick made in the sand was really cool. 

4. Fun in the sun. 

5. Muddy girl! 

6. No one can see me! 

7. Reeds in sepia.

8. What a pretty day it was! 

9. The willow trees still survive even growing in water. 

10. The water is clear. 

Now, go take the quiz! Have fun!! 


What do you think?

Written by Kim_Johnson


    • Thank you Norman, it was a really fun day, and thank you for taking the quiz, six is what most people scored. I wonder if it was the same ones picked..