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Cotton ~ Shoot Challenge

This is my second post to accompany LaJenna, my good friend to post photo edit using PhotoMania called the Shoot Challenge.

This is Cotton. As I mentioned in last year’s post, Cotton is a boy I have handed over to my youngest sister because my eldest daughter is allergic to fur. This is Cotton’s photo I took two weeks ago when I visited Brigita.

Cotton in original picture

Cotton had been shaved his hair about a week before because it was invaded by fleas.

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Cotton In Classic Painting

He looks handsome classically here.

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As Carlsberg Billboard Cover

Cotton is always like that, wanting anything I eat or drink, even beer!

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With Harry Potter

As a close friend of Harry Potter, with his help, Cotton who has been threatened by a black magician has been transformed into another creature that can be mutable in some circumstances.

In Twilight

This is how Cotton looks in his everyday shape right now. Yes, Edward is not really a werewolf, he is Cotton that has been transformed by Harry Potter with his magic ability for his own sake. With his handsome face right now, Cotton or Edward barks more than at howling.

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