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Color Crazy Summertime Challenge in PINK!

Purple was a big hit and we still have the weekend to go! 

I just wanted to mention that the Color Crazy Summertime Challenge will end on September 8th with Pink as the final color! Are you ready for pink? I sure am. Monday will start the week of pink. 

So, let’s color Virily pink!

 All you have to do is post something about the color of pink and mention Color Crazy in the title, but most of all….HAVE FUN! 


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Written by Kim_Johnson


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  1. Pink was my favorite color when I was a little girl. Though now I prefer purple, I still like pink. It’s a sweet color.

    It’s kinda sad to know it’s the last challenge as it’s fun to see Virily being flooded with the same colors!

    • It is sweet. I like it now, but didn’t as a little girl. I think it was because of my grandma. Everything she owned was pink, even her house. Inside and out. Too much pink. lol. I try to bring back the color challenges every few months or so. You caught the tail end of this one sorry to say, but there will be more. Thanks for the comments.

    • My pink hibiscus has two blooms about ready to open, maybe itll make it in time for pink week. I am sure you have something to share for sure. Thanks for all the colors you have posted, keeping Virily colorful for sure with your additions.

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