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Color Crazy Challenge Week 6 – Pink

Pink is my least favorite color — it is too girly for me, too lady-like, too dainty for my personality. I am not fond of colors that look fragile nor of loud ones like red. But it does not mean I couldn’t find pink photos for the Color Crazy Challenge of Kim Johnson. So, here goes…

My cover photo is of my niece, Yani, youngest daughter of my younger brother. This was taken when she was few weeks old.

Next is a shot of pink sky in Ticao Island, Masbate, Philippines…

This one was taken in Cataract Gorge, Launceston, Tasmania…the three witches and I are fond of taking 360-degree video actually while goofing around — we act like kids many times, unfortunately. But hey, waddaheck? It is always fun to do that.

A picture with pink bag will do, right? That is my cousin, Jen, while feeding kangaroos in East Coast Natureworld in Tasmania, Australia. It is a sanctuary set in a 150-acre parkland and lagoons and a beautiful, wide place for animals. Do you know that kangaroo meat is very tasty? But after feeding them in my own hands, I lost the appetite. Maybe it would be a good idea to start feeding cows, pigs and chickens as well. Lol!

This pink bridge was in one of unknown temples in Bangkok, Thailand — a place not really visited by tourists. There was a funny story behind it. A tuktuk driver who is one of the scammers victimizing foreigners in the Royal Palace happened to pick me and my cousin, Ludy, as victims. It was his unlucky day, he became the butt of his own joke. While my cousin was pissed off for losing time, I quite enjoyed seeing places and streets without tourists. He did not earn any money by bringing us to travel agencies (we go for DIY planning) and jewelers because there was no way we are buying anything we don’t need —poor scammer, tsk.

Sentosa Island in Singapore is famous for its music and light shows. This is a memory from there.

One of our favorite activities when we travel is to visit Chinatown and Little India in every country we go to for as long as our schedule will allow. This pink old building is located in Chinatown Heritage Center in Pagoda Street, Singapore.

Chinese temples are interesting places to go to…this stone image of pink bud was in the Chinese temple up Genting Highlands, Malaysia. I traveled with Jen (we go on either group of 4 or group of 2 and Jen is my usual travel buddy). She hated the piggy bonnet cap I was wearing there but I love it as it reminded me of our travel with the kids in Dalat, Vietnam. She told me not to bring it in Korea though and I listened. Lol!

This is Sarao Garden in Cebu, Philippines — it is dubbed as “Little Amsterdam” because it boosts of flower variety like Celosia that is not common in this country.

Enough pink already? I will save the rest for next week when Kim continues under Pink and Purple theme. Now, if you want to have fun, please join the #colorcrazy challenge created by @kim_johnson. Read her instructions here. It is pretty easy, I promise. What are you waiting for?


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Written by HarpingByAPixie

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    • Awwww thank you so much and I am happy to met you here in Virily and to met Nickel, Dime and Meika ?. Do they all get along? Chewy is mighty afraid of cats and feign only to be brave when there is a human behind him hahaha

  1. I reckon you are a secret pink lover… I love Pink…The singer and I love pink on my little granddaughter but for me…The closest I get to wearing pink is when I have been in the sun too long..Great post and pictures my friend x

    • Oh yes, I love buying pink for other people especially little kids but not for myself. Lol! I already miss reading your yummylicious blogs brightly spiced with funny and witty side stories. I promise to get right to it once my life is back to normal. Dang, there is downside in everything.

    • How about Hello Kitty? Hahahaha. I like to behold the cutie things but never for owning such lol. Thanks for reading Lady Brenda. I will check your posts as soon as I am able to normalize my life.

  2. So many breathtaking captures! Every picture is even more amazing than the previous one! I didn’t use to like pink when I was little, but now I love it. 😀

  3. You did come up with pink!!! I loved the story as you walked us through each photograph. Every one of them was a delight. Thank you for entering into this weeks color crazy challenge, even if pink is your least favorite. Now that’s dedication! : D