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Color Crazy Challenge – Pink clouds

This week, Kim challenged us in …pink.

Pink – is a color that makes you love the world, so it is the color of love and also the most romantic and affective color. Pink is also the color of sexuality. It is also the symbol of a love in silence. It has the role of calming and improving feelings. Pink can also remind us of earlier childhood memories, been associated with comfort from our mother or a mother figure.

This “pink challenge” reminded me of a beautiful autumn day when the sky passed from clear to cloudy sky  in less than 5 minutes. What was unusual was the pink color of the clouds and they were very low. It’s been four years since, but I still remember that day! This is a photo taken that day in Chindia Park!

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. I recognize the park through your pictures, but do not think I have ever seen this shot. Wow, what a lovely scene it made, wonderful capture here! Thank you for posting in the challenge. : D