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Cats in the Xeriscaping: The Photographer’s “Special Glasses” Challenge

As I was walking through my neighborhood last week, I passed this house with an interesting xeriscaped yard. If this term “xeriscaping” is new to you, it simply means a kind of landscaping designed to look nice without using much water.

Paso Robles, California doesn’t get much rain, so we have to make the most of what we have. That’s why people are getting rid of water-consuming lawns and using drought-resistant plants, rocks, mulches, and decorative art where their lawns used to be.

As I was photographing various parts of the yard, I noticed this cat crouching in the rocks. She must have been hunting, since she was alert, but perfectly still. Although I spent at least fifteen minutes photographing the yard and the cats who lived there, this kitty didn’t move. She was still there when I left.

Here’s another view of her from behind.

Tabby Cat in Rocks.

What do you think of xeriscaping? Can you believe this cat stayed so still for so long?

This was not the only cat who lived here. The Siamese was not as still as the tabby. The Siamese cat moved from place to place in the yard almost like a tour guide. Don’t you think it looks nice with these Jupiter’s Beard (red valerian) flowers?

Siamese Cat in Bed of Red Valerian Flowers

Which cat do you like best?

See the terms for this challenge here. #messageexperiment


What do you think?


  1. Cat number two I liked a lot since he reminds of one cat in our hope who used to be named The Nosy One before he changed his name to The Pain. He likes to stay away from view inside the home.