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Awesome Clouds ~ 365 Photos Challenge ~ Day #7

Hello everybody,

Here is day #7 of my 365 photos challenge. I captured a photo of the clouds because they looked so interesting and unique. They had such a cool pattern that I don’t usually see.

Have you seen the clouds look like this before? Which way do you like the clouds best? Do you like them in a pattern/shape like this or do you prefer big fluffy clouds? Maybe something totally different? I would love to know!

Now, if you would like to take part in the 365 photos challenge by @artbytes26 feel free to…you don’t have to be nominated/invited to do so.

Now in the rules it states on day #7 to invite more people, but I really don’t know who to invite since a lot of people have joined in/ or have been nominated by others.

Maybe in a few days I will try to nominate somebody, but for now I’ll just post my daily photos. Hope you enjoy!

Here is my last photo in the challenge: Day 6: Santa Decoration


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