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Clouds and Sky – 365 Photos Challenge – Days 25- 27

I have been focusing on my art and the color crazy challenge, I haven’t been spending time on the 365 photos challenge.  I know that’s sort of breaking the rules…but when I do post I will make sure the photos are taken within the week.

I hope you will enjoy these three photos.  I hope soon something exciting will happen to share more photos.  Lately all I can get is photos of the sky or of Eli.

Would you like to join the challenge? Feel free to!  Here are the rules to the challenge posted by @artbytes26

My last 365 Photos Challenge Post:Cloud Reflections

Cool Clouds! Day -26

I liked how this turned out with the darker blue sky and all the clouds.  The sun is also peaking through at the bottom.

Clouds and Blue Sky – Day 27

This was taken when day 26 was taken....it's cool how the sky can change so fast! -  30 minutes later the clouds were all gone!

Water Tower & Sky – Day 25

I thought the water tower in our town would be fun to photograph for the challenge.  I took it at an interesting angle which also got some sky in the background.  

What do you think of this photograph?


What do you think?