365_Photo_Challenge_Day 6: Christmas in Rockwall

This photo challenge continues to motivate me to get out there and take the time to shoot something. Tonight I went up to the Rockwall town square with the idea of shooting Christmas lights and I wasn’t disappointed.

It is amazing how one image turns into another idea. I stood in the middle of the square and photographed different angles of the town square.

I used a telephoto lens with 100 ISO in an effort to get longer exposures with the most depth of field. I was excited about the lighting effects, how simple trees turned into graphic elements with saturated golden light.

I’ve practiced long exposures outdoors in Colorado with a friend of mine but I realized tonight how much I loved the effects. It’s like the old days where an image would appear out of the stop bath in a dark room. The options are endless and I plan on shooting more small towns across Texas.

This weekend I plan on shooting Grapevines holiday lights so stay tuned.

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