365 Photo Challenge Day 24

Another toy of summer. I enjoy flying the drone over the house, and around the neighborhood during the warmer months. I posted some videos of it on my youtube channel, last year while in the air a hawk decided that my drone was a threat and dive bombed it a couple of times. It wasn’t that funny at the time, but it is funny to think about now.

I post a lot of drones; they are extremely interesting. OK, by extremely interesting I mean to me, not always to the rest of the world!

There are modular drones coming in 2018 that I believe will be game changers. A modular drone allows you to change the abilities or capabilities of the drone quickly and get back into the air. It is something that the drone market has needed.

One drone to rule them all, and when needed change out its capability to do something else!!!!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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