365 Day Photo Challenge Day 93

93 days in a row no thumb over the lens, thumb in the picture or thumb in the way pictures!

Today a picture of my new trackball. Yeah, what an original picture I know. It is not my greatest or most creative moment. There are days in the photo challenge that I am proud of the idea, and the picture I share. There are days when I am, well right before I write; I am stuck. You get an office picture. I have a lot of crap in my office so there are a lot of things I can take pictures of. You also do not get a thumb picture!

The new trackball was purchased as a throwback. I had a trackball with my Macintosh many years ago. I stopped using one for some reasons, not the least of which was moving to the windows world and not have a PC compatible trackball (back in the old days Macs and PC’s often had different connectors for just about everything). I moved to mouse world for many years. I have to say until last week I didn’t realize how much I missed a trackball.

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