365 Day Photo Challenge day 90!

For those who’ve been following the saga of the 3D printer from Snapmaker, I found a home for it in my office. I had to move a few things (and got rid of two things) but it now has a home.

The next step is for me to spend some time with the software, once the onrush of work slows down a bit, I will spend some time with the software.

Now I am going to reduce the power cords in my space.

90 days and no thumb picture!

Anyone can join the photo challenge. Point your phone, camera or magic wand at something interesting and share it. Rules are simple it has to be less than 7 days old and you have to share it. You keep track of the day you are on (for me this is the 90th post) and share away!!!!!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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