365 Day Photo Challenge Day 88

I am sharing pictures of the snow that was. It was 44 degrees by noon on Sunday, most of the snow was a soggy mix of mud and melting water by 2 pm. It is gone now, other than one frozen patch in the very center of our yard. The problem with warm by noon is the ground also starts to thaw. That makes the area near sidewalks into a muddy mess. The freezing and unfreezing of sidewalks help form cracks.

Each crack allows a little more water this time than last time.

When that water freezes, it makes more room in the concrete or asphalt for more water the next time. It is a vicious cycle. Normally people don’t think about that much. It is, after all, a natural process. Until of course, you hit a pothole that damages the front end of your car. Then it is a really bad thing.

Mud soup isn’t as fun as one would think!

88 days with no picture of my thumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone can join the Photo Challenge, pictures less than 7 days old. Posted and shared here on Virily with the title 365 day photo challenge. The day’s after that are the number of times you’ve posted!

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