365 Day Photo Challenge Day 87

As part of the photo challenge, I have posted images from my front door every time it has snowed. It snowed yesterday so to continue that tradition here is the picture out the front door! Also today a couple of bonus pictures, it is still snowing here in Maryland, nowhere near as much as it is snowing to the north of us. We went our on daily Lab walk during the first part of the snow yesterday!

I am adding a bonus picture, looking out of the door snowing the snow still falling. It isn’t that cold right now, around 32 or 33 degrees. The Labs love snow. It is funny. Actually, Raven who hates rain and getting wet, loves getting wet in the snow. She came alive during the walk yesterday covered in snow, just tail up and happy!

Finally a picture from the time-lapse weather station. What does it look like when the camera for the weather station, pointing upward, is covered by snow? It looks just like the picture above! Always fun to share weather pictures!

Anyone can join the Photo Challenge. Just snap pictures and share them here on Virily. The rules are the pictures can’t be more than seven days old. I have found in the past 80+ days I am taking many more pictures with my cell phone!


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Written by DocAndersen

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