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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 85

I am mesmerized by the finished 3d printer. I cleared a spot in my office for the printer at lunch, moving it in yesterday early. The next thing is to install the software and learn it. The 3d software is interesting in that you are bound to a specific space (the printing plate) and size (the maximum height the print can be above the printing plate. I got to see the outputs of a titanium printer once, printers that don’t use heated plastic, but actually, metal to print parts of various technology things.

Add to that it was 60 degrees outside in DC in February.

Anyone can join the photo challenge, Just share a picture taken in the last seven days. I have found since starting the challenge I am taking a lot more pictures with my iPhone than I was before the challenge. I am still not wholly in favor of that. It causes me to change my backup routine! But taking more pictures is always a value add!


What do you think?


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