365 day photo challenge: Day 41 A candle in darkness

I believe in the good of all people, I believe evil is a tendency but it is also a defect in the system. We were created with a divine DNA but we are still closer to the animals than divinity.

There are written instructions for the soul’s care and feeding but we often can’t see beyond our tendencies and our perspectives as earthbound beings.

Suicide, addiction and depression; all of these are biproducts of the deficits of souls living in earthly starvation. The world is a desert for a soul, a barren, unkind place where many souls die slow deaths from following paths that are misleading.

We have many leaders on earth, many are evil, some are even supernatural, they lead us in directions that would seem logical by science and the creature comforts of the earth but slowly the soul starves, not even realizing what is lacking. If a body starves, there are symptoms, the soul has no outward signs, if the body doesn’t get nutrients, you can see it lacking, if the soul is lacking, you will notice behaviors but nothing is obvious to the exterior.

My proof for the soul’s disconnect is that no one who is addicted or surrenders to their own tendencies are ever content. There is always the next fix, the next ritual that the body goes through for comfort but there is never an end to the cycle. The gambler who seeks contentment or ultimate rush in gambling will never find that point where it is enough, they will always seek and never be completely satisfied, this is characteristic of addiction.

Selflessness: Selflessness is not just something that is agreeable to others, it is necessary for the soul. If you ever ask people why they do so much for others, it is always the way they feel. It is a reward for the soul and there is peace and satisfaction in being selfless.

Humility: Humility isn’t something we need to learn because we are easier to stomach, humility is something that the soul requires. Pride is a weight we carry around, it covers what we can’t touch in our DNA. You will rarely listen to an amazing person boast about how amazing they are, others will usually sing their praises.

I have never heard a strong man or woman say they were strong, nor celebrate how talented or great they are, those who are truly strong never need mention the fact. Watch them in a room, there is a certainty, a calm realization that others will announce.

Intelligence: I believe man’s greatest weakness is his intelligence which turns to pride and than you know. We as humans need to realize it’s not always what we can do but what we should morally do. When man thinks he is invincible the universe will prove him wrong-The Titanic is a great testament to man’s innate hubris and downfall.

Humanity didn’t fall by eating from the tree of evil or sexual depravity, it was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. We erected ourselves in the status of Gods’ as the serpent intended but we are not Gods at all, we are broken bits of a DNA that is divine.

I believe we are moths to the flame, we need to listen to the divine teacher. There are so many lessons we are taught on a daily basis but we already think we know the lesson. We fly in circles around this grand light we have perfected but there is another more profound, more perfect light we desperately seek.

This light we imagine is an intangible, we will only realize it when we are basking in it. We need to read lessons from other souls and take the path we have been taught to follow but have forgotten as we drift farther from the divine.

What do you think?

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Written by stevelinebaugh

Oil painter and pastel artist, writer, photographer, graphic designer,
originally from New Jersey

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  1. You know I thought about that when I wrote it, I don’t think I gave enough detail or explanation, as if someone that commits suicide or have those ailments are all in one basket-it’s so much more complicated and there are so many details and intricacies that probably need to be discussed.

    I suffer from depression and I believe that there are chemicals in the brain that are more to blame than simply earthly starvation of the soul. I think maybe the earthly starvation is something I need to expand on. The idea for me is that a soul is beautiful and perfect, it lives in a world that doesn’t necessarily offer the soul what it needs.

    The scariest part of depression for me is the times when things are good and should be happy and you still feel nothing, the scary thing is you think you’ll never feel any happiness or peace again. It is such a hopeless feeling and there is no cure or relief in that moment. I think that is the only reason I mentioned suicide in that premise as I understand the feeling of hopelessness and have a clue-a slight clue obviously-but a clue of why people feel there is no other alternative. I remember after quitting smoking and being terribly depressed, there was no drug, no alcohol, no cigarette, nothing that could give me any relief.

    I mentioned those ailments only because I have lived through addiction-not me, my wife, my dad, my step son and I’ve lived through depression and fear of depression in my son, but like you said there are so many different aspects of each and I made the dreaded sweeping statement I hate so much.

    Thank you for calling me out on that and this is why we have conversations so we can think, rethink and explore the experiences we know and we don’t know. I have no idea and wouldn’t begin to understand your pain or loss, all I can do is apologize for speaking too generally about a subject that is very specific to each.

    I once had an embarrassing discussion with a woman, she said she lost her son and I tried to sympathize with her, I said I lost my dad when I was ten. She looked at me and said I’ve lost my dad, my husband, you have no idea what it feels like to lose a son. As uncomfortable and awkward as it was, I would not have traded that moment for anything as it taught me something, you, my friend have taught me again and for that I thank you.

    • Thank you Steve for explaining your reason for your statement. I am not trying to be arrogant so please do not take me wrong. I just get protective when I hear others talk about suicide. I can see where you were coming from. And I hope you, like myself, will continue searching for the light. It is out there for all of us who suffer depression. We just have to keep moving forward. Thank you again.

      • No arrogance at all!! I’m glad you commented-the way we as people get closer to who we need to be is if we listen to each other, listen and respond, no one knows each other’s situation and I believe that’s how we become better people by learning from each other with humility, understanding and honesty. Always searching for light and so glad you are a part of that light. Thanks again.

  2. I agree with most everything you we=rote. And I enjoyed the stunning photo. But this statement I completely disagree with… Suicide, addiction and depression; all of these are biproducts of the deficits of souls living in earthly starvation.

    I lost my son to suicide at age 16. I never looked at him as having a deficit living in earthly starvation. Each situation is different.

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