365 Day Photo Challenge Day 250 is it me or are those signs broken?

Yesterday was an interesting day. I went for my morning ramble around the neighborhood. I was riding the elliptical first thing, but well I stopped for a while and went back to taking a walk. As I got near the firehouse in the first part of my walk, I saw the signs lying on the side of the sidewalk. These are in the Greenway right before the firehouse (Greenway’s are a Maryland Law. Housing areas have to have green between them!). I am not always focused on the world around me as I walk, I am usually lost in thought or talking to Dylan. I walked by the signs, and the large truck is towing the boat that was on a flatbed tow truck. I noticed the police car. But nothing seemed amiss.

(more signs down)

On the way back down the hill (it is uphill to the firehouse, then downhill for the rest of that part of the walk once you reach the firehouse!). I realized why the truck had been towed away. It had hit every single sign from the intersection of the two main roads (Clopper and Germantown). It also hit one street lamp post, and they obliterated another street lamp post.

(I think the light pole was by accident. The stop sign is to notify the grass that it is to STOP growing!)

Anyone can join the photo challenge, share pictures of odd signs! Share pictures of your cat. How about your cat and odd signs?


What do you think?


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