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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 249

I love the view from the bathhouse out into the Marina. I stop and take this picture every time we leave the car and head to the boat. I guess it is a designer for me now. Realizing that, and that I take a picture of Captain Lars every week as well, I got to thinking about habits. All of us have habits. It is part of what makes us, us. It is also the things in ourselves at times; we don’t like. When the habits we have are displayed in others, it can be annoying to us at times. Sometimes we find ourselves bound to people with the same habits. Sometimes we are drawn to people with the habits we don’t have. The oft-documented natural attraction of opposites. The polar north, and south magnets of our lives. Of course, there are habits that we hate as well. Personally, the one I never accept is when someone attacks a person, instead of an idea. Ideas can be disliked, they can be thrown away. But people should never be attacked. Be it that they are news organizations or one person in particular. Be that you are frustrated and angry, you don’t attack a person. You don’t say things about people in a public forum that can’t be taken back once released into the wild. That is the one habit of people that I guarantee if it happens once I will forgive and forget. If it happens a second time, I will forgive, but no longer forget.

Anyone can join the photo challenge regardless of your habits!


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Written by DocAndersen

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