365 Day Photo Challenge Day 248 we got the 10 pounds of dirt in the 5 pound bag!

The old joke (which didn’t use dirt) was how do you fit 10 pounds of dirt into a 5-pound bag? (cram until the bag bursts are not the answer). In the case of a tandem bike and a mini-van, it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Overall the tandem bike we picked up was roughly five feet shorter than our mini-van. Ergo it fit neatly inside. The picture is of the bike in the van. We were so excited that we didn’t have to tie down the back door or other mechanization. It means we can throw the bike in the van and take off. The next goal is to see if we can fit it on the bike carrier for my car. Then we are all set, as one of our goals in the next three years is to get rid of the mini-van (for the second time. We got rid of the mini-van the first time when we moved to Maryland. We ended up having to rent a mini-van two or three times a year and at 900 bucks a week decided that was money best spent on having a mini-van available all the time instead of two, or three times a year.

Anyone can be challenging. But can you post pictures? Oh wait that is the easy button! Join the photo challenge and share pictures!!!!


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Written by DocAndersen

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