365 Day Photo Challenge Day 232, what's your spice palette?

I’ve shared a similar picture of the Lazy Susan on our kitchen table before. I just noticed this morning that we had added spicy stuff and no longer have flowers or other living things. Our one plant didn’t survive our tender loving care. We killed a cactus by not watering it. Doesn’t mother nature herself not water cacti? Anyway, we’ve replaced our Siracha, that is used like Ketchup in our house. We’ve depleted the ghost pepper shaker (need to get more), and my daughter’s finance added his favorite spicy salsa to the Lazy Susan.

Now, for a moment let us digress and talk about the stupid name, Lazy Susan. Just because once upon a time, Susan, a very smart person that realized you could upon a pedestal, have a part of your table or cabinet that turned doesn’t make her lazy. It makes her smart! To me, Lazy is someone not doing something that if they did it would save them time later. Susan was very very smart!

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