365 Day Photo Challenge Day 231 a flower on the walk…

Maryland has laws creating the concept of Greenways. A section of land that has to be left for wildlife. One of those sections sits between the firehouse and our neighborhood and happens, to be along the path of our walking trail. Well, when I say our I am liberal. The trail fits within the realm of Queen Raven and Prince Dylan (he would tell you that she is the queen). But sometimes in the morning early I go for a walk before work to clear my head and prepare for the day. When the queen is walking, those of us that walk with her, are not encouraged to stop and take pictures. We are encouraged to walk and carry water. In the summer the queen does like to stop and have water.

This little flower sits in a small area just past the fire station. I saw them the other day and yesterday got a good picture, so I am sharing!

Anyone can be a photographer. Not a professional, really good artistic quality photographer. I know, I am not one. But you can join in the photo challenge! The best picture is the one you share!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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