365 Day photo challenge day 216 and the sun rises again well almost…

A moment in the sun. Except there is no sun, but it is a moment. The concept of darkness or the pre-dawn hours is one that impacts me personally. Like many people who live in or near places with bad traffic issues, I get up early. When traffic is horrible, you adjust your life to fit the situation. In the Washington DC area, you focus on avoiding traffic. If you are out and about before 7 am, you won’t have a problem with traffic. If you are out and about after 7 pm, you won’t have a problem with traffic. I prefer morning to night personally because over the years I find myself going to be earlier and earlier. As a school teacher, I needed to be most awake in the early morning, so I have transitioned to that over the years.

This time of year reminds me of Bangkok. Hot in the morning, hot all day, hot at night.

For a long time, I was the only person up and in the office early. But that changes when you move to places that have that horrible traffic.

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Written by DocAndersen

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