365 Day Photo Challenge Day 207 and 208!

A picture today (sorry I missed a day, login issues) from the weekend. Well, the picture is from this morning, but the card the picture is of was from Friday night. We celebrated our anniversary on Friday evening. This year was a little different than usual. We each got a budget to buy a small item for the other (and then each of us got a budget to buy something we wanted). We’ve been doing the get a budget to buy what you want the thing for many years. The new thing was buying something for the other. It is funny to me how time passes; I remember vividly when we got married. It has been an interesting ride so far! I am not quite sure what will come next, but at least I know there is a Hawaiian shirt in my future!

(and flip flops!)

I am adding a picture taken on Sunday, to make up for the day I missed yesterday.

Hey anyone can join the photo challenge!


What do you think?


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One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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