365 Day Photo Challenge Day 186 (To, the lighthouse!)

On the far side of the Bay Bridge there sits a series of lighthouses. The bigger ships go under the middle of the Bay bridge and need to stay in the channel, the lighthouse warns of water that is shallow, well shallow for a bigger boat. Not shallow for us (12 feet) but shallow for a boat that is 200 or more feet and weighing about ten times or more than our boat. This particular lighthouse, like many of the old channel houses, has long been abandoned and is in a state of disrepair. The State of Maryland has been considering and renovating many of them. In the new world of GPS, sonar, and technology you don’t need as many lighthouses. Although, as a captain taught us electronics only fail when you need them! My favorite work by Virginia Woolf is “To the lighthouse.” I have looked for, photographed and paid attention to the details that Lighthouses reveal ever since I read that book in college.

It was a light rain yesterday out on the Bay. Not the heavy pounding rain that makes you wish you were anywhere but soaked on a boat. Funny how you can go boating with the intention of being on the water, but of not getting wet! Particularly in the water of the Bay. It is less than pleasant the closer you get to the creeks that feed the Bay!

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