365 Day Photo Challenge Day 179 (Who moved my boat troll!)

We got to wander off to Annapolis yesterday. The week before it was wet and nasty, wet and nasty on land translates to rough and nasty on the water. Yesterday wasn’t smooth sailing, as they say, the water was pretty choppy. But the sun was out, and we wandered off to the Bay bridge! Captain Lars was along for the ride as is his tradition. His normal spot, sitting and watching my wife make sure she doesn’t do something unsailorlike, was dirty. So he moved over a little while his spot was cleaned. We got a lot of pictures of all the wonderful (beautiful and majestic) sailboats that were out and about yesterday. It was warm, the air temperature was over 85 degrees, but out on the water, it was a lot crisper and cooler. It is normally a little cooler on the water, but yesterday was perfect. The right mix of wind, warm and sunny!

Lars was happily returned to his proper spot once the cleaning was done. He did mention to my wife that it was unlucky to move him for extended time periods, so she put him back where he was supposed to be! Lars also was angry that no one thought to bring him lunch!

Anyone can join the photo challenge. You will find as you share pictures that you will find more pictures to share!


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Written by DocAndersen

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