365 Day Photo Challenge Day 176

I don’t normally do weather pictures twice in one week but yesterday’s walk was, well wet and I didn’t pull out my cell phone and take pictures. There is something about gray and dreary that makes me want not to take pictures sometimes. I do, love the occasional majesty of a thunderstorm or the wonderful post-storm cool that makes the air smell fresh. But the drizzle, stop, drizzle stop of light rain isn’t as much fun.  One of the things I love about home weather stations is knowing how much the weather impacted my house. I mean after a really bad wind storm you can see the impact. There are, sadly at times shingles that once sat on the roof, that now are on the ground. Or worse, have gone off in search of Godot, and now no longer can be seen near the house. Except that the roof has bare patches of shinglessness. If Shinglessness is a word or a phrase one can use. Other than applying the word to the top of your house of course my friend is suffering a bad case of Shinglessness.

A weather station can tell you the details that an intact roof cannot tell you visually. What was the highest wind gust, How much rain fell and so on? It cannot, even though I suspect my children dreamed of the day the feature was added, inform you of snow caused school closings. That requires the interjection of fake news sources into your life (the news) (I have a personal bias about the term FakeNews, my apologies for that. I am not sure why anyone would ever use that term intentionally). So again today I am sharing an image that looks up from the weather station on my back deck. It isn’t showing the moon or anything that would change your life. Just a sky filled with clouds and the temperature of the air.

Anyone can join the photo challenge, as my kids used to say “hop in the water isn’t cold (it was always cold).” Take a picture (less than seven days old) and share!

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