365 Day Photo Challenge Day 171

(yesterday was a Doc unable to count error, and was actually my 170th post in the challenge)!

Raven is fearless except for Thunder Storms. But unlike in the past when she used to frantically go from person to person freaking out, now she goes and hides in my office in what once was my chair. I say it once was my chair, because the last two or three times I’ve sat in the chair, Raven has put her head on the armrest and glared at me. But, I am happy to give up the use of my chair if that helps her feel better in a thunderstorm. Right now she is peacefully sleeping in the chair as the storm rages overhead. There is a magic to thunderstorms. Beyond the Ozone released as lightening snakes its way to the ground. A pagent in the sky and all around to hear.

In fairness to her fear, I should mention that Raven is a rescue lab. The Lab Rescue organization (Lab Rescue of Maryland and Virginia) is a phenomenal group to work with. Thye rescue labs in tough situations. Rescue dogs often have issues and like all dogs just need human to return the love they have to give. Raven has a fear of Thunderstorms, and also had a fear of water for a long time. She is over the fear of water now, and will go into water although not deep. She is a valued member of our family. What’s a little discomfort during a Thunderstorm for humans that know it is simply the release of energy in the sky? Raven would protect us from things we are scanned and does so often.

Dogs are wonderful additions to any family. They bring love and return the love they get 100 fold.

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Written by DocAndersen

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