365 Day Photo Challenge Day 168

I do love the minions, and Larry Bird was someone I loved watching play Basketball. The Celtics are one of my favorite teams, but that was more because I loved watching Bill Russell play. I still, to this day, think Bill Russell was the greatest basketball player I ever saw. But that is an opinion of mine and one that many people would argue. As a Bulls fan, I do also know that Michael Jordan is one of the greatest players I’ve ever seen play. Lebron James, of the more modern era, is also one of the greatest players. But Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas come from an era that I watched a lot more Basketball than I do now. I know them better, so my bias is probably showing.

I got the poster as a gift many years ago and have had it on the wall of my office since we lived in Cincinnati Ohio.

The minion peeking out below Larry Bird is also a favorite of mien. I got the wall stickers a couple of years ago and had them throughout my office area. Not where they can be seen during conference calls, rather, hidden from view of the conference camera, but still visible to me!

Anyone can join the photo challenge, point, shoot and share!


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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