365 Day Photo Challenge Day 136 (is spring here?)

I had and was yesterday inspired by all the wonderful pictures of trees and flowers. In the DC area, we wait for the arrival of the Cherry Blossoms in the Tidal basin. Near and around the Jefferson memorial the Cherry Trees were a gift from the government of Japan. Every spring they bloom, and every year there is a cherry blossom festival celebrating those blooms. That is also, the unofficial launching of spring in the DMV (District, Maryland Virginia).

It always feels like the Cherry blossoms appear on the news, and the next day the rest of the trees start to bloom. It isn’t, and that doesn’t happen, but it feels that way. Walking by the trees every day on our Labrador expedition, we see the judges form and begin to open.

The trees here are along the road, in part a natural sound barrier for the houses on the other side.

Spring might be here!

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Written by DocAndersen

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