365 Day Photo Challenge Day 114

14th day of my new no thumb picture streak!

Continuing the various collections that dot our house, is our Troll collection. We have Captain Lars, whom I have shared before. He is our Boat Troll or Gnome. This is our Kitchen Gnome. No one is allowed to cross before the moose in our kitchen!

The three Gnomes/Trolls joined our family in Norway. Not all family members like them (the twins find them disgusting). But they bring good cheer to the rest of the family!

We also have a laughing troll/gnome lying on the ground, but that one was a gift to my daughter. So it technically doesn’t live in the house (although, it is currently in our rather full of humans house).

Collections are ways to remember things and events. They don’t replace people, but they do help people remember. Plus they brighten up space a little!

Anyone can join the photo challenge – share pictures less than seven days old. Don’t worry if it’s not good enough for anyone else to see (thanks to the Carpenters for the song line) just share! Pictures that are shared are special!


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Written by DocAndersen

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