The Home Depot gives a grandmother a huge gift for her grandson

Denise Haight who is the grandmother of her seven year old grandson Cameron, needed the help from employees at The Home Depot in Gaylord Michigan since she wanted to give Justin a gift that he wanted to have which was a mailbox of his own.

Denise went to The Home Depot on Thursday where she was greeted by Home Depot employees Gary and Lorel. Denise explained to the two Home Depot employees that she wanted to get a mail box for his birthday.

Gary told Denise after their chat ended to come back to the same store on Saturday since Gary and his colleagues were going to build a special gift for her grandson.

When Denise showed up at The Home Depot on Saturday, she was greeted by Gary at the customer service counter.

Gary then showed Denise the special mailbox that he and his colleagues built a mailbox for Cameron for his birthday.

When Denise asked Gary how much would it cost to pay him for his work on making the mailbox for her grandson, Gary told her it was free of charge.

To put it mildly, Denise is very happy that Gary and his colleagues made her grandson’s birthday one he will remember for a very long time.

I am sure that the Home Depot store in Gaylord Michigan will have more clients to buy their merchandise after this story goes viral.


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Written by Deepizzaguy

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