NWO & One World Currency in 2018?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

This video explains that the New World Order is likely to start in 2018. Since the past couple of years, society, and the earth, has been changing, moving toward the Elitist plans for their New World Order agenda. Many businesses and stores have been closing down because many people are saving their money as well as selling their items, preferring a minimal lifestyle and maybe apartment living. As more and more protests and riots pop up worldwide, countries are moving towards the global economic collapse. More and more weird and unexplainable disasters occur on a worldwide basis as a part of their depopulation agenda. Changes continue to happen subtly and smoothly so the public won’t be in a sudden shellshock. All of the sudden, those weird and annoying movies will suddenly be a part of your reality. You might suddenly find yourself being the next Katniss Everdeen or Aeon Flux fighting to survive.

You might even suddenly realize you are standing amidst a society like the movie Idiocracy, with bunch of idiots controlling other idiots in a third world country-like environment. Your town has changed for the worst, and it was all preplanned long time ago for this futuristic prison state.


What do you think?


    • I think Idiocracy is already happening now in current society. I always seem to run into retards like that characters in Idiocracy that I sometimes prefers to stay at home.

      • The only problem I had with Idiocracy was their timeline, which I found overly optimistic. No one can deny those morons exist now, we are speculating on when intelligence is bred out of the species…

        • i think these morons are encouraged to be idiots and given good paying jobs as slaves for some corporation. they are the ones that follow all the garbage, lies and propaganda, and they are usually paid a lot of money, like celebrities, to promote stupidity to others.