70 Years of Terrorism

This video is a recent video about activism as well as over 70 years of Zionist Terrorism. Religious Jews tend to be anti-Zionist, in which they refuse to acknowledge or support the illegitimate, criminal, demented, and satanic state of Zionist Israel. Since Zionism is a form of politics for pathetic mental cases, it will likely go on for a long time until the Zionists achieve their N.W.O. agenda and One World Government. That is why Zionism was started and created in the first place. Just inspect the dollar bill, which is filled with Illuminati, NWO, and Satanic symbolism. All the countries surrounding Zionist Israel are being destroyed for the Greater Israel Project so that the Zionists will instill the One World Government in Zionist Israel, which will control the whole earth under One World Religion, One World Currency, and One World Order.


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