Happy fathers day to all

There’s a lot of things fathers do on THEIR special day like this, 1 is watching or going to  sports events like racing, rather it be horse, dog, or cars, trucks, boats, another is fishing for the fun & the sport of it :>} fathers love to have a few friends over & have some male bonding in the man cave with a pool table & drinks.

Fathers days are a good way to just get out & enjoy the day & celebrate the day together doing something spend 1/2 the day doing 1 thing & the other 1/2 doing something else that way both are happy for the day like go fishing in the 1/2 of the day & the 2nd 1/2 go to a car race or boat race or do some mud bogging.

Every day or week with loved ones needs to be shared together with fun & happiness cause just think of this, there’s a lot of fathers that don’t get to hang out with buddies & friends & family or do the fun things for 1 reason or the other, so all fathers need a break to be free on what he want’s to do on HIS DAY…

I wish every father on this planet a great enjoying day  no matter what it is your did or doing this is YOUR day my friend enjoy it ALL you can cause life is only so long to enjoy the things you can while you can & make the best of it as LONG as you can happy fathers day from ME to you my friend. OX OX


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