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A Short Discussion on Gender and Development

My boss handed me an invitation to speak for a National Government Agency’s event a couple of days ago. Today was the date of the activity, so my officemate and I headed toward the venue at around 1:00 PM. We reached the venue at exactly 1:30 PM. 

Setting Up the Presentation

My officemate helped me in setting up the projector and my laptop. We found some difficulties during the process because of the short extension wire that we have. Finally, after a few tweaks and twists, we managed to make everything work. 

Discussion Proper

My discussion was focused on the basic concepts of gender and development. For the information of our friends here, in our country, every government office is mandated to conduct Gender-related activities as part of the government’s aim to promote gender sensitive and violence-free nation.

The discussion lasts for more than an hour. The management had given a certificate of appreciation for accepting the invitation and sharing knowledge on the subject. We also had our photo ops with the participants after the discussion. Before finally leaving the place, they invited us to take our snacks.

The Nature Hot Spring

Nature Hot Spring Resort is located at Irosin, a certain municipality in our province. It’s the first time I reached the resort and I can say it is more beautiful than it was presented on their Facebook Page.

I hope that I could be able to bring my family to this resort in the coming days. 

Thank you for dropping by and reading my post. 

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      • We are focusing more on equality, equity, sensitivity, and development. When it comes to same-sex marriage, we are not open to this as of yet. Majority of the Filipinos are Christians. Though the right of everyone is being considered in terms of opportunity and development. Thank you for sharing your idea.

  1. I do not agree with the thesis that men are more than women. In many areas, it is proven that women are at a higher level than men. I wish you a nice weekend with the family in this lovely place.

    • Thank you Elenka for sharing your thought. When I start a discussion about GAD I see to it that I don’t go to the point of comparing who is better. Actually, I try to avoid discussion of the basics because that is where this comparison would usually arise.

  2. even if equality weren’t a universal right, we no longer have the luxury to treat women like sex objects or baby makers- we need every man and woman to do their best to save the planet or the species will die

    • One of the common misconceptions about this topic that I encountered is that people would usually think that this all about women or the protection and rights of women. So I would ask participants what do they think when they heard the word GAD? It consists of three words, and oftentimes, people would usually focus on gender setting aside the last word, development.

  3. Good for you!

    The issue of equality is universal. What we do and how we treat people is critical.

    Bullying in all forms (online, in person) has to end. We, as a world, have to stand up to those who would use intimidation to change others.

    Thank you!!!!

    • Allow me to share this part from an article I read online, (
      The problem doesn’t end at the way we raise our children. The problem is that when we don’t raise our sons the way we raise our daughters, we set a standard that they inevitably pass onto their children. The problem is the cultural dynamic we have created by teaching our children that “It’s a Man’s World.” At the end of the day, what is the point of raising our daughters to be honorable women, if we have to marry them off to grown boys?

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